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This is actually a mostly German oriented site. But I have made a few things easier to access for english-speaking people (i.e. Picture Galleries).

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Enter my Travel Reports and Picture Galleries - The Travel Reports are in German, but I've made the pictures more easily accessable from the english site. So if you click here, you will come out to the english site, where it is marked, in which language the connections will be. Also a direct access to the picture galleries.
  Nepal (Trekking)
Ecuador (Project for university & vaccation - incl. Galápagos)
Caucasus (Elbrusexpedition - climbing the highest mountain in Europe)
Scotland (Backpacking)
Slovenia (White Water Kayaking)
Corsica (Diving and Canyoning)
Oktoberfest (Drinking festival in Munich)

Enter the Homesite of Zadik-Lamas (herd stud: Inti de Oro)
(these pages are in German, although the pictures are obviously international)

Short Infos about me
Calender und Holidays (the description is in German, although you might understand quite a bit in English too)
Museion - The Book Forum for Recommendations (a forum I have created to get suggestions from friends for friends on good books to pass the time with)

Enter the lists of Gods and Godesses of different Religions and Cultures (names and descriptions) - unfortunately only available in German

Pictures from my Daily Life (A small gallery of some pictures I see in my daily life and worth standing still for a moment admiring. I change the pictures occasionally).
Bertrand Russel (Biography and full english texts)
Links (the description of the links are in German)
My Temple of Thoughts (a small collection of German and English quotes and thoughts I found interesting and worth remembering)
Alphabetical key word search on my site
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